The Arcane discipline is the exploration of the Prime Material plane with Thoughts, Actions, and Feelings. Thoughts are like photons that travel any distance upon the Spiritual Plane. Sometimes our thoughts are from someone else; Though often we may have trouble realizing that. Actions are your Soul/Qi's mental construct onto the Prime Material. The plane of the Prime Material has a commonalities that we accept so that we can help others. So our Actions are a manifestation of our embrace of the Prime Material plane. Feelings are like the wind or currents within the ocean. Like Thoughts and Actions, we can receive Feelings from others. So sometimes our Feelings are not our own, and from someone else near and/or close to us. However, Feelings are what power our Thoughts and Actions into the Prime Material to be manifested. The more you Feel Thoughts and/or Actions the more quickly they will be manifested into the Prime Material.