Jedi Holidays

Lakshmi: February 2nd

          Lakshmi Orissa a Hindu Goddess may give a 
          good example.  Purity, Holy Water, Divine Fire,
          Wealth, Success are all good symbols for this 

Eos: March 19-22

          The Greek Goddess Eos, may give a good example.
          Dawn, reincarnation, rebirth, the celebration
          of Easter are all symbols of this day.

Maia: May 1st

          The Greek Goddess Maia is thought to be the
          mother of Hermes/Thoth/.  This is the beginning
          of the Festival of Fire. Birth, Fatherhood, and                       
          Motherhood are good symbols for this day.

Solstice: June 19-23

          The energies on this day are the same as during
          Winter Solstice, or Yule.  This is also the end
          for the Festival of Fire.

Autumnal Eve: August 1st

          This is the first of the Harvest Festival
          celebrations.  We are able to use the 
          symbolism of harvesting for self improvement.

Apollo: September 21-24

          The second of the Harvest Festivals occurs
          during the Autumnal Equinox, when Summer 
          becomes Fall.  Lakshmi Bengal may also
          be a good example.  This is twilight.

Samhain: November 1st

          Last of the Harvest Festivals Samhain may be
          the origin of Halloween.  May be use this as
          an opportunity to celebrate our ancestors and
          the dead in general.  Gravels, Festival of 
          Lights, Lady of the Lake are symbols of this 

Yule: December 20-23

          The Wild Hunt, Four Horsemen, Saturnalia, Love,
          Hibernal are all symbolic of this day.  This
          day is Solstice.  The primary idea behind this
          day is charity, giving and helping others,
          without expectations of anything in return.