Altruism, alcoholism, Communism, vegatarianism, socialism, nazism, fascism, and numerous other 'isms all center around a lack of self esteem. There are other things that tie into this lack of self esteem that helps distinguish us as unique individuals. Yet by plucking at this center nexus, the other threads begin to unravel and collapse naturally. Your primary defense against the Dark Side is your self confidence. You must believe in yourself or you will begin to feel the need to compel others to believe for you. This compulsion is initially irrational and so it translates into a need to help others. Some feed off of helping others but it is a thirst that never is quenched. This is why communism, for instance, becomes a religion in and of itself. Empirical evidence can be right in front of you but you will deny the evidence. The need can become so great that you ignore other moral and ethical values you may or may not hold. This is a path to the Dark Side. The lack of belief in yourself, compels you to desire others to believe for you.

Their belief never fills the void and emptiness you feel inside though. You wonder what is wrong with you. You think that somehow you should be able to fix your own mental problems. Then you think that an inability means you are worth less than someone else. You may try to drink and forget the pain but it comes back. You may try to bring others down to your level in order to raise yourself. Whatever path you take, you always end up in the center of Hell. Hell is the total and complete lack of love and joy. It is a void that threatens never to be filled.

The answer is love, the Creator, and joy. The answer is using your thoughts to steer away from those trouble waters. Invoking the creators name will banish any dark entities that may have joined you in your misery. Realize that the Creator loves you completely and thinks you are perfect just the way you are. Let the Creators love fill you and you will know joy and love. Ask for the Creator to help you in anything and the Creator will help you. The Creator and its agents are eager and willing to help you. They have infinite power and ability and so they could help everyone simultaneously without taking away from anyone. Scarcity is a myth that does not serve you. Scarcity is a lie that infects society and only leads you towards the Dark Side. The Creator, is omnipotent, and sees everyone as perfect just the way they are. Thus everyone IS perfect just the way they are. There is more than enough love and joy to be had by all. As you realize this, you realize that you have everything that you need within you already.