Psychokinesis Edit

Psychokinesis is the process of sensing energy, in all its form, with the mind. Some confuse this with Telekinesis but the two concepts are very different. This is manifest as three main disciplines. Clairsentience, which is focusing on the force through feelings. Clairvoyance, which is focusing on feelings through sight. Clairaudience, which is focusing on the force through hearing.

Psychic power is as natural for everyone as breathing. People use their psychic powers everyday but they fail to realize their Psychic Power and the Force for what it is. This is how they limit themselves from fully recognizing their true potential. Everyone deserves to live a life of pure bliss. One of the great misconceptions is that Clairvoyance is the only way to access the force. This hinders people from developing their true potential as well. Everyone senses the Force through all three disciplines.


Clairsentience typically manifests itself when a Qi takes an action without thought and without their ego. They remember city streets without thinking or knowing the names of the streets. They simply can feel the right way to do anything the first time. A lot of times they may let their ego get in the way as they let doubt creep in but later they realize they knew the right answer but convinced themselves otherwise until later.


Qi that focus on this discipline typically sense the past, present, and future through vision. This can also manifest as seeing people, places, and things that can be far away from them or hidden from conventional eyesight through some other means. This has also been mistaken for photographic memory; Though, making that mistake does not immediately impeed someone it does hamper them from developing their psychic senses further.


Qi that focus on this discipline typically sense force through hearing things. All Qi have many allies within the Force itself. Whether it is angelic Guardian Angels, Archangels themselves, or spirits they all can communicate with us. Sometimes those who sense through this discipline may hear their name called out when no one is around them in a quiet room. They remember even people they just meet by the sound of their voice alone. They may also be able to exhibit strange noises that some use to entertain others.