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This is a way to advance and grow as a Jedi.
The various major disciplines and fields of study of both physical and mental.
The various organizations doing the work of The Jedi Order.
There is no reality, there is prime
There is no law, there is freedom
Through Self, there is mind.
There is no peace, there is harmony
There is no war, there is taijitsu
Through the Force, there is love.
There is no past, there is now
There is no future, there is thought
Through Self, there is manifestation.
There is no hell, there is one
There is no heaven, there is zero
Through the Force, there is love.
"Forgive yourself; Love thy neighbor; And, the Force will be with you, always."
- Angêl
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While we are a portal of information about the Jedi that anyone can edit. Contained herein is a way of life that is an offshoot of Buddhism and Hermetic Traditions & Principles.
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Warning: This wiki contains material espousing religious and spiritual ideologies.

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Merry Meet!!!

Thank you for your time and energy! Thank you for your interest in The Jedi Order; We use fundamentals of Buddhism, Christian, and Hermetic Principles & Traditions for the more noble, and glorious, purpose of self improvement. The path involves both physical and mental exercise; As well, point of view towards the disciplines in art and science. The website is an attempt to provide a database that anyone can edit, the freely disseminate the knowledge presented. The main purpose of, The Jedi Order's Wikia, is to provide an easy, and structured, database that introduces the Jedi way of life that anyone can edit. The focus is on the Spiritual and Prime Material Planes. This website represents a serious exploration as a Jedi. We encourage anyone, and everyone, to contribute to the growth and evolution of the knowledge presented on the website.

We are students of the Force; And, that through study of ourselves, we will gain a better understanding of the world around us, or rather the Force. We believe that George Lucas created a rough idea of a future for Shaolin and Buddhism, in his fictional story. So that is why we use the word Force and Jedi. We are merely following in the tradition of many other Shaolin Temples in a quest to better understand ourselves, and the Force. Through better understanding ourselves we gain insight into the Force.

The Force is inside of us, it binds and holds everything together. There are three principle planes of existence. There is the Divine Plane of existence. There is the Spiritual Plane of existence. Then there is the Prime Material. The Force is all things and thus it is balance. It is both good and evil. It is light and dark together at the same time. There is beauty in all things. Only through balance are we truly able to appreciate the Force and reach our true potential.

This place, the The Jedi Order's Wikia, will serve three critical functions:

  1. To be a center of knowledge of the Force; where anyone may come to learn more of the Force and to aid them in following their soul's lifepath.
  2. To facilitate, encourage, promote, and support Jedi and Discussion of the Force.
  3. To announce to the world Jedi as a way of life.
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  • [[News: June 2009|June 11th, 2009]] Happy Birthday!!!

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